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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

First MTC Letter

Hello Family!

I'm alive! Now as you guys can tell, my p-day is on Tuesdays! I hope you all are doing well. Don't worry about me. I am happy and healthy and having a great time in the MTC. No homesickness has set in yet. Now I have a lot to say so I'll make this letter more organized. My companion, Sister Brennan will be emailing me some pictures, so I will send those in next week's email. 

So I'm the new Online Training Coordinator for our zone so I will be training all the new missionaries in our zone on how to do their online training courses. My district also joined the MTC Choir and we are doing a musical number together for sacrament meeting. 

DearElder: So you guys can send me letters and packages for free through I will get the letters and packages the very next day. I'm the only missionary in my district who hasn't gotten any letters or packages from home yet, so I would love to get some letters! 

My District: I love my district! They have become my new family as we spend 16+ hours of the day together. There are 5 Elders and 4 Sisters. We spend about 6 hours a day in class, 2 hours teaching our investigators, 1 hour to exercise, and 3 hours to study. My district is always saying I'm the sweetest missionary in the district, so they haven't seen my sassy side yet.  Now onto the members of my district: 

The Sisters: Now I really spend 24/7 with these girls as we share a dorm room too. 

Sister Brennan (my companion): She is from Orange, CA, 19, and is going to Kentucky too! She went to BYU for a semester before coming on her mission. She is so nice and we work so well together. I cannot think of a single time she's irritated me though we have to do everything together including going to the bathroom. She is drop dead gorgeous. We are still learning how to be good teachers, but it is all good  and our lessons have gone pretty well. Her Grandpa died on Friday and she has been so strong and hasn't let it distract her from concentrating on our missionary work. 

Sister Glad: She is 19, from Riverton, WY and is going to Kentucky.  She is way nice and a little quiet. She is a great teacher and tells a lot of stories. 

Sister O'Keefe: She is a firecracker. She is 21 and is from Alabama. She is also going to Kentucky. She was  a missionary for 3 months in Mississippi before coming to the MTC. She is already engaged to a missionary in Brazil and talks about her boyfriend all the time. 

The Elders: The Elders are all awesome and they have become like brothers to me. They are all gentlemen and are all really tall. I have to crane my neck whenever I talk to them. 

Elder Clawson: He is 18, turning 19 in a few weeks, from Fruit Heights, UT, and is going to Omaha, NE for his mission. He is about 6'4". He is way funny and he is one of the new zone leaders. He was a swimming teacher and wants to be a psychologist or an electrical engineer. 

Elder Kane: He is 19, from Gilbert, AZ, and is going to Omaha, NE. He is hilarious and does awesome Spongebob and Randy Newman impressions. Hopefully he doesn't mess up our musical number. He is 6'7", a football player, and was a cook at Brio. He wanted 
to be the Online Training Coordinator, but I got that calling and now he's a zone leader. 

Elder Mota: He is 18 and from Portugal. He was going to serve his mission in Japan, but he had trouble learning Japanese, so he joined our district and is getting reassigned. He is in unrequited love with a 26 year old woman in Portugal. He is way sweet and comforted me while I was suffering from my terrible side pains I always get yesterday. 

Elder Mcomber: He is 19, from Seattle, WA, and is going to New Jersey. He is also a football player. He is way nice and is our district leader. He does a great job taking care of all of us. Our district says we're long lost brother and sister because we have such similar personalities. 

Elder Graham: He is 19, from Las Vegas, and is going to New Jersey. He is very quiet and doesn't say much. However, he has a crazy side to him as he was a DJ and a singer in a metal band. 

Our Investigators: 

Kensey: She is a student at BYU but isn't a member of the church. She is on the track and field team. She has a read the Book of Mormon several times and Sister Brennan and I are helping her learn how to find answers to her questions in the Book of Mormon. She is way sweet. 
Florian: He is our other investigator. He is 20 and from France. He doesn't speak English very well and is in Utah for a semester exchange. He hit Sister Brennan and I with all the hard questions. He asked us about women and the priesthood, the Word of Wisdom, and why did God command Nephi to kill Laban. He does, however, have a seed of faith, so Sister Brennan and I read Alma 32:28 with him and are trying to help him find answers to his prayers. 

I have learned so much in the past 6 days. I had such a surface level understanding of the Gospel before I entered the MTC. I have really started thing about Jesus Christ and the Atonement while I have been here. I have really been pondering why Jesus Christ did what he did. I know he died on the cross to atone for our sins, but I'm really trying to come to my own understanding of why. I think that is a question that I'll be pondering not only for the rest of my mission, but for the rest of my life. I only have 18 months to wear his Name on my chest. 

I love all you guys. Keep me updated on your lives! 

Sister Cressall 

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